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Shaped Tree

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The Serpent look

ing to the left. closely relates to this site.

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Miraculous Images EXPOSE The Evil SERPENT!

More than 40 amazing images found in the heart of a tree!

This site pertains to miraculous and atrocious images found in the heart of a tree that fell on Valentine's Eve. The images vividly EXPOSE THE SERPENT The Devil, and expose his bitter oppressions, and how he destroyed God's good plan for man. The Bible speaks of The MAN OF SIN being revealed before Christ's return which certainly relates to the serpent and his long hidden lies being exposed (2 Thes 2:3). The images vividly show both the Serpent, and related evils which Jesus came to deliver us from. For God so LOVED the world that He gave his only begotten Son. Yes He loved and came to save and destroy the works of the devil, whose evil works are amazingly exposed in this special Valentine's Tree which tree is a symbol of love in more ways than one!

The church where it fell

The Devil look-

ing to the right.

God intended love and beauty

But the serpent shamed beauty and placed a wolf between man and woman.

Note the tree has a woman in swim-suit somewhat in this position.

This Page Points Out Ten Different Images In A Story Form

Note the smoke coming from the mouth of the serpent, as well as the from the head of the man, wolf, and woman image.

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Veiling Styles

Crushing Beauty

The flame on my 50th birthday seen for 40 miles with a message. about veiling.

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Together With With Slightly Different Versions Of The Above Images.

The doctrine of devils that disallowed marriage has many related bitter branches. shares surprising Biblical issues about FEMININE VEILING.

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Seven Further Images And Related Points Of Interest Are Given Below.

Most are amazing, while some less clear and more difficult to to understand.


Our world is full of closed minded people singing foolish songs rather than people recognizing what the serpent and devil has done to humanity and seeking God's deliver-ance and good plan. Yes good plan for both this life and the life to come! Many have their eyes closed just like this frog. Many in their closed mindedness are singing religious songs, while many others non religious songs.

We Need A Solid Rock Foundation

The Witch & Wolf Are On A Shaky Foundation!

We certainly do not want to be on such a foundation and miss God's good plan for us!

The wolf and witch are standing on a very shaky foundation with the letter H below their feet, which could stand for HELL. I have researched God's punishment very extensively and although God's punishments upon those who follow the wolf and witch certainly are frightful, I discovered that both the Hebrew and Greek word everlasting largely pertain to an age or period of time. Jesus spoke of the ignorant transgressor being beaten with few stripes while others with many. My research on that subject is given at . Our God is a just God and although His punishments are frightful, nevertheless they are not contradictory to His justice and mercy. May God help us to portray Him to the world as He really is, and most of all may we experience His good plan rather than His punishment.

Year 2021?


The 21, F3, F21, And 41 And The GREEN LEAF

Because of things God has shown me, for many years I have been expecting a crash, yes something drastic to occur. When I first noticed the vivid number 21 I thought this number might point to the year 2021 and which is quite possible. May we pray that a painful crash will never occur and advocate repentance among the nations so it does not. But it often takes a painful crash to bring people to consider and change, which change is repentance. Actually God largely showed me no great revival will occur till some disasters or disasters strike. I after seeing the number 21 then noticed the F making the F21 which is a popular Fighter Jet making me wonder if in the year 2021 F21s may being used in the war I have seen in numerous dreams. The F21 is also given very near to what

Popular But Pitiful

Medical Symbols

appears as an Eagle's beak which certainly could point at the USA. The F also is uniquely intertwined with a 3 which could mean F3 which is also a Fighter Jet. Regarding the number 41, I also found the Mig 41 is Russia's new Fighter Jet that flies near to space. May God teach us what these amazing images mean. Wars and fighter jets certainly create unspeakable misery. I believe these bitter wars and things are all largely under the darkness of the witch and wolf as shown here, and which Jesus came to save our world from. Now with regards to the leaf on the alter at the feet of the wolf, the Bible speaks of the LEAVES of the Tree Of Life being for the healing of the nations. Yes God desires to bring the healing power of leaves and plants upon the nations, nevertheless the wolf and witch motivated by the serpent have trampled down and sacrificed the precious green leaves of life and peace under their feet, and rather motivate the nations to bitterly slay one another. My research on the subject of war is given at

Another issue regarding the green leaf, which here also appears somewhat like a bird, is that God designed plants and leaves for mankind's medicine and physical healing. Nevertheless sadly the wolf and witch and together with greed have greatly corrupted medicine. Interestingly even birds somehow use certain kinds of leaves to protect their nests from predators and bugs etc. Sometimes birds are wiser in their way than man corrupted by the serpent and pride and greed. Prophet Jeremiah declares this saying "Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD." As portrayed in this photo, because of pride and greed, the wolf and witch have sacrificed and trampled valuable natural medicines under their feet and rather promote their sometimes harmful drugs and agendas. How much is that like witchcraft? Interestingly the Greek word for pharmacy is sorcery. It is also noteworthy that a most popular symbol for modern medicine is the serpent. May the serpent and his lies in all areas be exposed. The Bible speaking of the great city of Babylon, which was destroyed in one hour, says by her sorceries were all the nations deceived. I recently purchased a book called Death By Prescription and may God help patients as well as sincere doctors to know how to deal with the medical world we all face.

Holy Spirit

Poured Out

God's Judgments Poured Out

God At Times Uses Nations Although Like Wolves To Carry Out His Judgments On Corruption.

The POURING SPOUT AND Pouring Out And More Letters. This pouring out might pertain to both blessing and judgments.

What might the Prq stand for? Priest Returning Quickly?

Prayer Restores Quietness? Prepare Real Quickly?

The Bible speaks of both an early and latter rain. Many and not without reason expect another POURING OUT of the Spirit of God before the end, and similar to that at Pentecost. Yes and expect similar signs and wonders. Although a crash might soon come and God's wrath thereby be POURED OUT on man's self-ishness, greed, closed minded-ness, pride, and stubbornness, may God's Spirit also and therewith be POURED OUT on those who call out to Him in their distresses. Although the nations and governments of men are often as hard and cruel as wolves and witches, God nevertheless at times uses them to punish one another for their evils, and in such a crisis may many cry out to God in a new way. Note how how near the pouring spout is to the 21 (2021) in the photo. God used Pharaoh for His cause although Pharaoh certainly was a wolf.

Sodom's Ashes

Sulfur Balls Can Be Found Among The Ashes.

The Plains Of Ash

Around Masada

Another Image Worthy Of Notice

This image portrays destruction lies before those who follow, ride and fornicate with the beast. Just ask a blood donor if gay sex is healthy. What about children brought up in that environment? The Sodom-ites followed sexual perversions and did not help the poor and God destroyed them with fire from heaven as appears to be shown here. One can see the windows the roof and numerous stories of this building. May God have mercy on and save and heal our land.

The Serpent

And Devil Exposed

Christians as well as others who don't pay attention and are indifferent about a MIRACLE with amazing images as this certainly should not be surprised if God brings sudden destruction upon them. These amazing images were found in a heart shaped log that fell on Valentine's eve, and while I had been praying religious errors would fall as tall yet dead trees and was particularly concerned about Satan's oppressions of feminine beauty and romance. It fell at a church which I had been praying for and had much concern about and blocked their drive during their service.

There are likely many other noteworthy images hidden in these photos. Possibly some will only be recognized by those of another language or those familiar with religious symbols that I know nothing about. The eleven original photos taken of this heart shaped log can all be seen (and likely downloaded) at (go clear to the bottom of the page of the site). Eight of the eleven photos show largely the same things as shown here, while three are interestingly different.

The Wolf and Witch in the Alter Of God, with a hand of man's blessing on their forehead.

The embodiment of the man of sin in the ALTER as well as Temple


is very closely related to the MAN OF SIN BEING REVEALED.

Regarding many Christians their emphasis regarding Paul’s special teaching about the man of sin being revealed pertains to a supposed evil man arising and sitting in a literal temple and being revealed before the end. Their emphasis thereabout largely points at a particular man being exposed in a literal temple rather than the bitter deceptions and long hidden lies of the serpent being exposed to the world before the end. Why would not the revealing of the man of sin possibly and rather pertain to the lies of the serpent, and Satan himself (the man of sin), being exposed and his dreadful and hidden beguilings being wondrously revealed to humanity before the end? These miraculous images which vividly show the serpent and devil, also show a wolf and witch inside a golden alter uniquely portraying the man of sin not only in the temple but inside the very alter. Yes the serpent and witch and wolf, the very embodiment of the man of sin entered into the alter and temple of God and therewith his lies infiltrated God’s place and Christian churches for many centuries. May this man of sin and his lies be revealed. It appears the devil, the man of sin, may have even obscured and significantly misdirected this Scripture about himself being revealed, pointing it to a literal man and temple rather than to himself and his lies which corrupted most all churches (symbolical of the Temple) being exposed.

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